Baby Health

Neural Tube Defect: Cerebral Palsy

A neural tube defect is something that occurs when the spinal cord or brain doesn’t develop properly. It is something […]

Fraternal Twins Pregnancy Complications

It is possible to have pregnancy related complications with any pregnancy. However, women who are pregnant with twins have an […]


Gestational Diabetes and Placenta Deterioration

One of the dangers of gestational diabetes is placenta deterioration. This condition occurs when the placenta begins to deteriorate. This […]


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Related to Mental Retardation in Infants

Fetal alcohol syndrome is related to alcohol that is consumed while a woman is pregnant. Studies have been conducted on […]


Birth Defect: Esophagus not Attached to Stomach

When a baby is born with an esophagus that is not attached to their stomach, they will not be able […]


Homemade Treatment Sinus Headache

When a person’s sinuses are clogged, this could cause a great deal of pressure between the eyes and above the […]


Home Remedies During Pregnancy for Cold and Cough

One of the worst times to have a cold and cough is when you are pregnant. This is troubling because […]


How to Help my Toddler stop Stuttering

Stuttering can be common in toddlers and is usually a result in their inability to form words properly. It is […]


Honey and Lemon for your Child’s Sore Throat

Sore throats are something that appear in children from time to time throughout the year. They are most often seen […]


How to treat Children’s Conjunctivitis

It can be pretty frightening when your child has conjunctivitis, but it is a fairly common thing to occur and […]