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Can I get Pregnant with Very Irregular Periods?

Your period is an important part of your life. Many women experience one every month and it is pretty regular. […]

Can I get Pregnant with Twins?

Getting pregnant with twins is pretty rare. There are actually several factors that come into play when a woman does […]


Can I get Pregnant Right After a Miscarriage?

After having a miscarriage, a woman will need to wait until her body is ready before she attempts to become […]


Can I get Pregnant with Only One Ovary?

Typically, women have two ovaries. Every month one of these ovaries, at random, will release an egg that travels through […]


Can I get Pregnant with IUI?

IUI is helpful in become pregnant. It is often used when the male partner has a low sperm count or […]


Neural Tube Defect: Cerebral Palsy

A neural tube defect is something that occurs when the spinal cord or brain doesn’t develop properly. It is something […]


High Blood Pressure and Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

High blood pressure is something that many women are faced with when they are going through a pregnancy. A woman’s […]


Fetal Distress During Braxton Hicks

Anything that causes the flow of oxygen to be disrupted can cause fetal distress in an unborn baby. Fetal distress […]


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Related to Mental Retardation in Infants

Fetal alcohol syndrome is related to alcohol that is consumed while a woman is pregnant. Studies have been conducted on […]


Pregnancy Contractions without Water Breaking

One of the common signs that a woman is going into labor is when her water breaks. This occurs when […]