Can you get Pregnant on day 8 of a 28 day Cycle?






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Knowing which part of your cycle that you can get pregnant on can be very difficult. The general idea is that most women have a cycle that is around 28 days long, but that is just an estimate. Most women who have a 28 day cycle will ovulate halfway through, around day 14 or day 15.

Again, this is just a generalization and every woman’s cycle is vastly different. You can not rely on this general rule to know when you are fertile, however. Some women wonder if it is possible to get pregnant on day 8 of a 28 day cycle.

Knowing-which-part-of-your-cycle-that-you-can-get-pregnant-on-can-be-very-difficultWhile it is unlikely, it is definitely possible. Some women might ovulate earlier than expected. It is even possible in rare circumstances for women to ovulate twice in one month. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared for the possibility of pregnancy when you are having sex at any time during your cycle.

Unless you are actively tracking and charting your ovulation, there is no true way to know when you will be fertile and when getting pregnant is a possibility. Keep these things in mind when you are having sex and you will never be surprised by an unplanned pregnancy.

Can you get Pregnant on day 8 of a 28 day Cycle?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating