Blow-dryer for Swimmer’s Ear






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Swimmer’s ear can be rather irritating and troublesome to get rid of. It occurs when water becomes trapped in the ear after activities that involve water, such as swimming. When water is given time to sit in the ear, bacteria can grow and an infection could take place.

Swimmer’s ear can lead to instances of pain and itching as well as blockage and discharge from the ear. One way to help heal swimmer’s ear is to use a blow dryer to dry the water that is stuck in the ear. To do this, make sure that you set your blow dryer to the warm or low setting.

Swimmers-ear-can-be-rather-irritating-and-troublesome-to-get-rid-ofThis will help make sure that the ear is protected from the heat. When you are using the blow dryer for swimmer’s ear, hold it about 15 inches from the side of your head. This will help to dry up any water that is left in the ear and help you to avoid getting an ear infection from the water.

If the ear drum is perforated, you should avoid using a blow dryer to dry the water. Doing so may allow dust particles and other items to make their way into the ear, which can lead to an ear infection.

Blow-dryer for Swimmer's Ear, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings