High Blood Pressure and Nosebleeds During Pregnancy






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High blood pressure is something that many women are faced with when they are going through a pregnancy. A woman’s blood pressure should typically stay the same after she becomes pregnant, but sometimes it can be higher than normal.

If high blood pressure is not treated properly, it can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. It is possible that the baby will not be able to get the right amount of oxygen through the placenta, which can affect the baby’s growth and future development. One symptom of a high blood pressure can be a nosebleed, but this is not always the case.

If-you-do-have-high-blood-pressure-and-develop-a-nose-bleed-you-should-call-your-doctorAnother reason that women may develop nosebleeds during pregnant is because of the way their body is changing while they are pregnant. Since more blood is needed to care for the baby, the body will create more of it and circulate it more. This could lead to an increase in the number of nosebleeds.

If you do have high blood pressure and develop a nose bleed, you should call your doctor. Keep your head upright and sit or stand. You can also squeeze your nostrils for a couple of minutes to try and get the bleeding to stop. If you can’t get the bleeding to stop, you should also call your doctor.

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