Do pregnancy Symptoms Decrease at 8 Weeks?






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Many symptoms that a woman experiences early on in a pregnancy can decrease by the time that she reaches 8 weeks of her pregnancy. The reason for this is because her body is becoming more used to the hormones that are changing in her body at this time.

Pregnancy symptoms will continue to change throughout the entire pregnancy and can appear and disappear at any time. While you may experience a symptom early in your pregnancy and it disappears around week 8, don’t be surprised if it resurfaces later on in the pregnancy.

Pregnanc-symptoms-will-continue-to-change-throughout-the-entire-pregnancyFor the most part, the symptoms that a woman experiences before week 8 are fairly mild. For this reason, it is actually more common for a woman to notice increasing symptoms after 8 weeks than a decrease in them. However, a decrease in symptoms is not a cause for concern at this time either.

It is best to discuss with your doctor the symptoms that you are experiencing when you are pregnant. Usually, your doctor will fill you in on what to expect during different stages of your pregnancy. This information can be helpful when attempting to determine what is normal and what may be cause for concern.

Do pregnancy Symptoms Decrease at 8 Weeks?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating