Pregnancy Contractions without Water Breaking






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One of the common signs that a woman is going into labor is when her water breaks. This occurs when the amniotic sac is broken before a baby is born. However, this is not something that happens for all women. In fact, many women go into labor first and have their water broken later.

Some women’s water takes quite a while before it breaks. In fact, some wind up delivering their baby without it breaking at all. When this happens, the baby is born with the bag still around them. This is a rare occurrence, but is still possible.

One-of-the-common-signs-that-a-woman-is-going-into-labor-is-when-her-water-breaksOther times, doctors may decide to manually break a woman’s water in order to speed up the delivery process. This can be ideal if a woman is struggling through the labor or if she has been in labor for some time. However, breaking the water doesn’t always speed up the delivery process.

Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different and every woman will experience giving birth differently. Sometimes women find that the act of breaking water is different from one pregnancy to the next. While it may break on its own the first time, a woman may need assistance in breaking it the second time around.

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