Natural Birth Using Bradley Method






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The Bradley method is designed to control labor when a woman is delivering her baby naturally. With this system, it is believed that birth is a natural process that women can somewhat control. The method itself consists of 12 weeks of instruction where the mother and father learn many things about natural childbirth.

This instructions cover items like prenatal nutrition and exercise as well as how a woman should relax while she is in labor so that the birth process is easier. Men also receive instructions so that they know how to be the best coaches for their partner. This method also teaches women how to create a birth plan for the labor process.

The-Bradley-method-is-designed-to-control-labor-when-a-woman-is-delivering-her-baby-naturallyThe Bradley method is something that has been around for several years and hopes to promote a natural childbirth. The goal is to create a healthy mother and family so that they can also create a healthy baby.

Women will also be taught about the different stages of labor as are defined by the method itself. By learning about these different stages, women are able to recognize signs that they are entering these different stages so that they are able to prepare for them properly. This helps to make the entire process of delivering their baby much easier on them.

Natural Birth Using Bradley Method, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings