Induced Labor Ending in C-Section






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The intent of inducing labor is for the labor process to begin quickly. After the woman is induced, it is common for her to begin dilating very quickly. During this time, labor should begin so that she can deliver her baby.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are times when women do not respond to being induced. Either their body is not ready to go into labor or there are other issues causing labor to not start.

The-intent-of-inducing-labor-is-for-the-labor-process-to-begin-quicklyWhen this is the case, doctors and the mother will have to make a decision. The decision that is presented is one to allow the pregnancy to continue or to deliver the baby via a c section. One of the reasons that a woman may be induced is because there are complications to the pregnancy or if the baby is in danger.

Because of these reasons, it is common for a woman to have a c section after being induced if labor doesn’t begin. Another reason that a woman may have a c-section after being induced is when labor continues for an extended period of time. If a woman is in labor for more than a couple of days after being induced, it is likely that a c section will be necessary.

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