Cleft Lip and Palate Termination of Pregnancy






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Cleft lip and palate is something that can cause a great deal of problems for a baby after they are born. It develops within the first two months of a pregnancy and is usually caused by a certain number of factors.

Some reasons that this condition can be developed is because of a lack of necessary folic acid early on in a pregnancy. An unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking or drinking alcohol while pregnant can also cause this condition. However, this can also be caused by the mother’s age or previous health concern.

Because it occurs early in a pregnancy, this is something that can sometimes be diagnosed before the baby is born. This means that the parents of the baby will know in advance if their baby has cleft lip or palate. Some women decide to terminate their pregnancy because of this condition.

Cleft-lip-and-palate-is-something-that-can-cause-a-great-deal-of-problems-for-a-baby-they-are-bornWhile the baby will have some struggles, there are some things to consider before terminating the pregnancy if your baby has cleft lip and palate. This is a condition that is fairly common and one that there is a treatment option for in most cases.

Through corrective surgery after the baby is born, the condition will be able to be corrected. Along with this surgery, dental care and speech therapy may be required in the future to completely correct the problem.

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