Cervical Dilation during Early Pregnancy






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Typically, cervical dilation is considered to be the beginning of labor, but this is not always the case. Over the course of a pregnancy, the body will go through many different changes. Some of the changes that take place are in the cervical area.

As the pregnancy progresses, the cervix will remain closed. It is sealed by a thick mucus plug, which helps to keep bacteria from entering it. When the body begins preparing for labor, the cervix will begin to open so that the baby can enter into the vagina. This process is known as cervical dilation.

Eventually, the cervix will become wide enough for the mucus plug to leave the body of the woman. Sometimes it will come out all at once, but sometimes it will be a thick discharge. This is one of the first signs that the cervix is beginning to dilate.

typically-cervical-dilation-is-considered-to-be-the-beginning-of-laborWatching for this, is one of the important things that a woman can do early on in her pregnancy. If she sees that she is dilating early on in her pregnancy, she will need to talk to her doctor immediately.

It is possible that she has an incompetent cervix, which will make it harder for her to carry the baby. If it is not addressed immediately, she risks the change of having a miscarriage.

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