Who Says You Can’t Afford Another Baby?






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To raise a child born in 2013 to the age of 18, it will cost a middle-income couple just over $245,000, according to newly released estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s up $4,260, or almost 2%, from the year before. That is a mind boggling number, and is enough to make many couples think that they cannot afford an additional child. However, there are lots of different ways to cut the costs on taking care of a child, and with a little creativity and a little planning, almost every couple should be able to afford another baby if that is what they want to do.

1. Plan Ahead

start a baby fund as soon as possible

If you know that you are eventually going to want to have children, start a “baby fund” as soon as possible. Even putting $25 or $50 a week into a fund can offset some of the big costs of the first year of a baby’s life, such as diapers, formula, and baby gear. Experts say between $5000 and $10000 is ideal for a baby fund, but any little bit that you can save will help.

2. Borrow

babies in need

There is a ton of gear out there for babies, from strollers to bouncers to swings and jumpers. All of this stuff is expensive, however, and babies are only able to use these things for a short while. Don’t be afraid to ask around and borrow baby gear from family, friends and neighbors. You can always give it back once your baby outgrows it. This is a great way to get the baby gear you want without spending the cash.

3. Buy Used

If you can’t borrow the baby gear that you need consider buying used

If you can’t borrow the baby gear that you need consider buying used. Yard sales and consignment sales are a great place to look for baby gear, clothing, accessories and more. Buying used can save so much money on baby supplies, and you can buy more things to put away until your baby is big enough.

4. Move

move to a less expensive area

Some couples who live in an expensive area find that one of the only ways they can truly afford another child is to move to a less expensive area. Take this into consideration if you live in a place where the cost of living is extremely high.

5. Stay Home

If you can afford to be a stay at home parent that is a great way to cut down on child care costs

If you can afford to be a stay at home parent that is a great way to cut down on child care costs, especially when your kids are very small. Some couples choose to wait until one child starts kindergarten before having a second child, so they do not have to pay double the child care fees.

6. Think Creatively

stay at home parent and babysitting for extra money

Sometimes, having another child means getting creative and thinking outside the box. Some moms afford child care by swapping babysitting with friends, becoming a stay at home parent and babysitting for extra money, moving back in with their parents, taking a second job, wearing only hand me down clothes, cutting out eating out, gym memberships, and fancy extras, etc. There are many ways to afford another baby, but sometimes you have to get creative to figure them out.

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Dr. Lynette Weiss is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician and Scientific Director. She is certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.