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1. What Is A False Negative Pregnancy Test?

The most common way for a woman to find out if she is pregnant is to use an at home pregnancy test. Most of the time, pregnancy test results are accurate, if the instructions are followed properly. However, there are things that can happen that can affect the accuracy of at home pregnancy tests.


Sometimes, it is possible to get a false negative pregnancy test. A false negative pregnancy test is a test that indicates that a woman is not pregnant when she actually is. There are several different reasons that a false negative pregnancy test can occur. Today we are going to talk about those potential reasons so women can be aware of them.

2. Early Detection Attempt

By far, the most common reason that a false negative pregnancy test result occurs is because women sometimes try to test earlier than they should. The only way that a pregnancy can be detected via home pregnancy test is by the hCG levels in the body. The amount of hCG in the body increases every day in early pregnancy.


However, sometimes, if a woman tests too soon, the amount of hCG in the body might not be high enough to be detected. She might be pregnant, but just not far along enough for it to be detected by the test. This is definitely the most common cause of a false negative pregnancy test.

3. Misusing the Test

Another common reason that a false negative pregnancy test can occur is misuse of the test. Each pregnancy test has very specific instructions that need to be followed for that specific test.


Not following the instructions carefully can really mess up the test results. If there was not enough urine to fully coat the test strip, or if the test strip was not placed into the midstream of the urine for long enough, a false negative result might occur.

4. Problems with Testing Time

Another reason that a false negative pregnancy test can occur is because of problems with the testing time. Each test has a specific testing window for users to follow very closely. If you read the test results too early, or too late, after testing you can receive an inaccurate result.


If you think that you might have received an inaccurate result on a home pregnancy test, the best course of action is to wait a few days and then test again. You can also visit your doctor to have a blood test performed there if you think that you have received an inaccurate result. Just always be careful to read and follow test instructions precisely for the best results.

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Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.

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