What Vaccine can cause Infertility?






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There has been great debate recently about how vaccines affect our bodies. While many believe that they can cause issues like mental disabilities and autism, many others believe that they can cause infertility.

Some vaccines, especially those like the HPV vaccine are highly scrutinized due to the fear that they can cause issues with fertility in the future. However, there is currently no evidence that any of these claims are true nor is it believed that vaccines have the ability to cause infertility.

However, since many of these vaccines are fairly new, research has not been fully conducted in order to determine if they can cause fertility issues in the future. If possible, it is best to become educated on the vaccines that you will be given before you take them.

HPV-vaccine-are-highly-scrutinized-due-to-the-fear-that-they-can-cause-issues-with-fertilityYou will find that there is quite a bit of independent information available for the different vaccines and you should use this information to your benefit when you are deciding whether or not to have a particular vaccine administered.

Because many of the vaccines can prevent some pretty dangerous things, however, it is best to weight the benefits versus the risks in relation to the vaccines before you decide if they are right for you.


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