How Often Should I Take an Ovulation Test Strip?






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1. What Is An Ovulation Test Strip? 

An ovulation test strip is the test strip that comes along with an over the counter ovulation predictor test. It is a test that is used to determine when you are ovulating. Much like at home pregnancy tests, ovulation predictor tests use a urine sample, either midstream or from a cup.

Whereas a home pregnancy test will detect hCG, “the pregnancy hormone”, an ovulation predictor kit test will detect the surge of LH which comes right before ovulation. This way, women who are looking to get pregnant can know exactly when their most fertile days are.

2. When To Test?

Most experts recommend that when women get near their expected ovulation date, they test every day, at least once per day. However, some doctors advise getting an even more careful measurement. They say that once a woman is in the week that she expects ovulation to occur, that she should test at least twice per day, both of these tests at least ten hours apart.


This is because the surge of LH that indicates that ovulation is on it’s way can happen very quickly. A woman can easily miss it if she is not careful. The only problem with this double testing method is that it can be a little bit expensive, depending on the types of test strips that you are using.

3. Things To Remember

It is important to remember that the test strips for these test kits can get expensive, especially when you are testing more than once per day. If you are already using a fertility blend like Conceive Easy, you can choose free ovulation tests as your free gift with your order, to save a little bit of money.


Also, experts suggest that women limit their liquid intake in the two hours prior to taking the test. This will help to ensure a better result. The best times of the day to test are between 11am and 3pm and between 5pm and 10pm. It is also advisable to test at the same time every day for the best result.


If you need to know when your ovulation day is, an ovulation predictor kit is a great choice. They are available online and at local drugstores, pharmacies, and even some grocery stores. They are very inexpensive as well, and depending on the test that you choose, the refill strips are usually very inexpensive as well. If you have any questions about over the counter ovulation predictor kit tests, make sure to ask your doctor or speak with your pharmacist.

Dr. Karen Leham, MD

Dr. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility. Dr. Leham completed her residency at Loyola University, followed by a fellowship at UCLA.