Donor Sperm at Home Insemination






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If a couple is struggling to conceive due to unhealthy male sperm, it is possible that donor sperm may be the answer for them. While this is normally a procedure that is performed by a doctor, costs can be pretty prohibitive in many instances. However, this is also something that couples may want to attempt at home instead.

When performing at home insemination using donor sperm, it is important that you are careful throughout the entire process. Sperm needs to be fresh so that it is sterile and all equipment will need to be sterile as well.

To-perform-at-home-insemination-start-by-selecting-a-syringe-to-useTo perform at home insemination, start by selecting a syringe to use. This syringe will need to be sterile and long enough to reach next to your cervix. Depending on the type of sperm that you receive, you may need to first prepare the sperm. For example, if the sperm is frozen, you will need to thaw is out using the instructions provided from the sperm bank.

After the sperm is ready, you should draw it up into the syringe and insert it slowly into your body. Take special care to get it as deep as you can so that it is close to your cervix. Make sure that you insert the sperm slowly by pushing the contents of the syringe out into your body. You should also lie flat or with your hips elevated slightly for about 30 minutes.

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