Donor Egg Frozen Embryo Success Rate






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Using donor eggs for in vitro fertilization is expensive. In fact, couples should expect to pay over $10,000 for procedures involving frozen embryos. For this reason, the success rate is an important factor for couples deciding whether this is the right procedure for them.

Fortunately, the percentages in regard to embryo transfer is fairly high with in vitro fertilization. In fact, the majority of women under the age of 35 are able to become pregnant. About 20% of women find that in vitro fertilization using frozen embryos is not a success. An additional 20% of women are able to become pregnant, but the pregnancy results in a miscarriage.

As-women-become-older-the-chances-of-a-successful-pregnancy-by-using-frozen-embryos-becomes-lowerAs women become older, the chances of a successful pregnancy by using frozen embryos becomes lower. Women who are over the age of 45 are able to become pregnant and give birth about 40% of the time. An additional 40% do not find the procedure successful and the remaining number of women have a pregnancy that results in a miscarriage.

This information can help a woman to make the best decision regarding frozen embryos. Since the procedure is rather expensive, it is best to weigh all possible options when attempting to become pregnant.

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