Chances Of Getting Pregnant With Low Sperm Count






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1. What’s Normal?

What’s normal when it comes to sperm count? The numbers vary widely from guy to guy, and there are a large range of numbers that can be considered normal, but on average 20-150 million sperm per milliliter is considered to be within normal limits.


When sperm is under 15 million sperm per milliliter that is considered to be a low sperm count. Just because a man has a low sperm count, that doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to father a child. Many men with low sperm counts go on to conceive babies naturally and with minimal effort.

2. Natural Helpers For Low Sperm Count

When a man is diagnosed with a low sperm count, there are a few things he can do to help improve his counts naturally. One big thing that plays a part in sperm count is diet. Zinc is especially important when it comes to sperm count. Zinc can be found in foods such as turkey, oysters, beef, yogurt, oatmeal, corn, pumpkin seeds, seafood and eggs, and can help to replenish your sperm count.


Doctors also usually advise men who are trying to conceive to cut out any negative influences that might in their life, whether it be alcohol, drug use, or smoking cigarettes. Guys should also avoid any activities that might overheat the testicles, like hot tubs, spas, or tight bicycling clothing. Overheating the sperm can cause even more sperm damage, which is definitely something you don’t want.

3. Assisted Reproductive Options

If trying natural remedies for low sperm count doesn’t work, there are still other options out there that can be beneficial for couples who are having sperm count problems. IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination is probably the very best option for couples struggling with sperm count problems.


With IUI, sperm is taken from the male partner, and examined by a lab to make sure that only the very strongest and very best sperm are taken from the sample to be used to fertilize the egg. This will ensure that the couple has the very best possible chance of conceiving.

Many couples who did not think they would be able to conceive because of low sperm counts have found success with IUI. If you think that this might be a good option for your particular situation, talk to your doctor. Another good thing about IUI is that it is often much less expensive than other assisted reproductive techniques, like IVF.

Larissa Belanger, RN

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.