Can Paragard IUD cause Infertility






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The IUD is a great contraceptive choice for many young women who wish to prevent pregnancy. The IUD is a birth control method that lasts a long time, and women don’t have to worry about it every day.

However, there are many studies that suggest that there is a possibility that IUDs can, in some cases, lead to infertility. Some studies suggest that the Paraguard (copper) IUD poses more of a risk that the Mirena IUD.

Some studies even say that the Mirena IUD can lower the risk of PID and subsequently, infertility. Some doctors think that the PID bacteria can be present during the insertion of an IUD, which can lead to a higher occurence of PID.

The-IUD-is-a-great-contraceptive-choice-for-many-young-women-who-wish-to-prevent-pregnancyHowever, other studies have shown that IUD use leads to no higher risk of tubal blockage, and that IUDs are actually very safe for use by most women. In fact, most women do not have any problems whatsoever with using IUDs.

Most of the time, a woman’s fertility will return to normal very shortly after having her IUD removed, and women have no problem getting pregnant after having their IUD removed.

It is important to remember that if a woman had fertility problems before having the IUD inserted, those same fertility problems are likely to come back after having the IUD removed.

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