Can occasional smoking cause infertility






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Most women are familiar with the fact that smoking can damage fertility. However, many women have concerns about how occasional smoking can affect fertility, and whether or not it will have the same fertility effects as heavy smoking.

The truth is that any form of smoking will be a contributing factor to fertility problems. The more you smoke and the longer you smoke will make it more likely for you to have problems when you try to conceive, but any smoking at all can affect fertility.

Smoking can lead to ovulation problems, damage to the reproductive organs, damage to the eggs, premature menopause, and an increased risk of cancer and miscarriage. Also, smokers who seek fertility treatments can take longer to get pregnant, and can also increase the risk of having a baby with health problems.

women-are-familiar-with-the-fact-that-smoking-can-damage-fertilityEven if you don’t smoke yourself, secondhand smoke can affect fertility as well, making it harder to get pregnant. Even for men, smoking can cause fertility issues such as low sperm count and poor sperm motility.

Even if you smoke only occasionally, quitting smoking will definitely increase your chances of getting pregnant and improve your fertility. Talk to your doctor if you are a smoker, even occasionally so that you can get help quitting.

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