Can I get Pregnant with Underactive Thyroid?






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Having an underactive thyroid means that your hormones are out of balance. This imbalance will cause a host of issues, some of which effect fertility. Along with the thyroid hormones, having an underactive thyroid could also affect other hormones in the body, including those that produce and release the eggs from the ovaries.

When the release of the eggs is affected, this could mean that the woman is not producing healthy eggs or that she is not releasing them at all. By treating the thyroid condition, however, it is possible to balance the hormones so that you are able to ovulate properly.

having-an-underactive-thyroid-could-affect-production-and-release-of-the-eggs-from-the-ovariesThere are many medications that your doctor can give you to balance your hormones. Sometimes it takes some time before the exact prescription is found that will balance the hormones the best. Because of this, you should talk to your doctor about your plans to become pregnant.

Your doctor will want to choose medication that is safe for you while you are trying to conceive as well as while you are pregnant. Since some medications are not safe, you should always choose one of the options that your doctor recommends. After your hormones are balanced, make sure that you are tracking your ovulation cycle daily so that you can be certain that they are working properly.

Can I get Pregnant with Underactive Thyroid?, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings