Can I get Pregnant with twins without Fertility drugs?






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While fertility drugs are one of the easiest things to use to improve your chances of becoming pregnant with twins, you can also increase your chance naturally as well. For starters, there are many over the counter supplements that mimic fertility drugs, but that are natural products.

Taking some of these will increase your chances of having twins, just as though you were taking fertility drugs. Coming from a family that is known for having twins is also helpful, but this is not controllable. What is controllable are your age and the amount that you weight. Research shows that being overweight and older gives you a better chance of becoming pregnant with twins.

there-are-many-over-the-counter-supplements-that-mimic-fertility-drugsHowever, this can also make it harder for you to become pregnant at all, so keep this in mind. You can also improve your chances by eating yams. There is a tribe in Africa that has been researched because they have more twins than anywhere else in the world, in correlation with their population.

It was finally determine that the food that they eat provided them special nutrients that improved their chances of having twins. This food is called cassava which is similar to a yam.

Can I get Pregnant with twins without Fertility drugs?, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings