Can I get Pregnant with the IUD?






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An IUD is a device that is implanted into a woman so that pregnancy will not occur. These devices are very effective and prevent pregnancy about 99% of the time. They are long-term birth control forms and will prevent a pregnancy for several years.

After they have expired, it is important to have them replaced so that they can still be effective. This is a procedure that is performed at your doctor’s office. You can also have them removed early if you are now ready to become pregnant.

For the most part, you should be able to become pregnant quickly after you have an IUD removed. This, however, will depend on the health of your eggs and the regularity of your ovulation cycle. Tracking your ovulation cycle is the best way to determine if it is regular.

An-IUD-is-a-device-that-is-implanted-into-a-woman-so-that-pregnancy-will-not-occurSome women find that they are not able to ovulate after having an IUD removed. For these women, doctors will usually suggest taking certain medications to help start the cycle back once again. These medications are usually pretty effective and most women begin ovulating shortly after they start taking them.

If you find that you have become pregnant with an IUD in place, your doctor will need to remove it. Leaving it in place could lead to complications in your pregnancy.

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