Can I get Pregnant with Only One Ovary?






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Typically, women have two ovaries. Every month one of these ovaries, at random, will release an egg that travels through a fallopian tube. The egg will then pass into the uterus where it will wait to be fertilized so that the woman can become pregnant.

Women can track this progress by using an ovulation predictor kit or a basal thermometer. When these devices are positive for ovulation, the woman should begin having sexual intercourse with her partner. This will cause sperm to be have the chance to reach the egg while it is present.

ovaries-release-an-egg-that-travels-through-a-fallopian-tubeSome women, however, only have one ovary. This could make it harder for her to become pregnant because she may not ovulate every month. It could also decrease the number of eggs that are available for fertilization because of the ones that were in the missing ovary.

While becoming pregnant with only one ovary can be difficult, it isn’t something that is impossible. For women in this circumstance, it is crucial to track their ovulation cycle. They should also make lifestyle changes and take supplements that will help improve the health of the eggs that are released. Their doctor may also want to prescribe medication to help make it easier for the eggs to be released.

Can I get Pregnant with Only One Ovary?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating