Can I get Pregnant with No Symptoms?






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Every woman and every pregnancy is different. This means that some women will experience certain symptoms when they become pregnant, but others may not. It is even possible for you to be pregnant and not display any signs or symptoms of the pregnancy.

Women may also notice a difference in the timing of their pregnancy symptoms. For example, while some women may begin noticing symptoms in the first few weeks, others may not begin noticing them until they have been pregnant for a month or more.

some-women-will-experience-certain-symptoms-when-they-become-pregnantThe most important symptom that you should watch for is an absence in your monthly menstrual cycle. It is extremely rare for a woman to continue her monthly cycle while she is pregnant. If you are more than a week late for your period, be sure to take a pregnancy test.

If the test is negative, but you continue to not have a period, you should talk to your doctor. It is possible that you have received a false negative on your pregnancy test. However, it is also possible that something else is going on that needs to be addressed medically. This is the best way to make sure that you stay healthy during your pregnancy if you are pregnant.

Can I get Pregnant with No Symptoms?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating