Can I get Pregnant with IUI?






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IUI is helpful in become pregnant. It is often used when the male partner has a low sperm count or motility. However, this is also helpful for women with endometriosis and other fertility problems. The most important thing that must be in place for IUI to be successful is open and healthy fallopian tubes.

To determine this doctors will typically perform a tubal patency test. Along with IUI, fertility drugs are often prescribed. However, if you have a regular ovulation cycle, this is usually not the case. Fertility drugs are usually reserved for women who are struggling to ovulate, which is making it difficult for them to conceive.

The-most-important-thing-that-must-be-in-place-for-IUI-to-be-successful-is-open-and-healthy-fallopian-tubesWhen you are ovulating, an ultrasound will be used to determine the location of the egg and to determine if it is healthy and mature. Understanding this information will allow doctors to perform the procedure at the right time. When you have a rise in LH, sperm will be directly inserted into the uterus.

This sperm could either be from your partner or you can purchase some from a donor. It only takes a few minutes for this procedure, but you may need around 6 cycles before you are able to become pregnant. Unfortunately, this is a procedure that doesn’t have an exceptionally high success rate, but it is helpful for some couples.

Can I get Pregnant with IUI?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings