Acidic Foods to Avoid when Trying to Conceive a Girl






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When trying to conceive a girl, there are certain foods that a woman should consume in order to increase her chances. Food is helpful because it can help create an environment in the woman’s body that allows the female sperm to thrive.

It is best to eat more foods that are acidic and less that are alkaline when you are looking to have a girl. Female sperm need an acidic environment in order to have the best chance at fertilizing the egg. This will help them survive over the faster male sperm so that they will have a chance to get to the egg instead.

Female-sperm-need-an-acidic-environment-in-order-to-have-the-best-chance-at-fertilizing-the-eggSome of the alkaline foods that you should avoid during this time are citrus fruits, egg whites, vegetables and milk. Instead, stick with foods like breads, pasta, fish and meat. These foods will help make it easier for the couple to conceive a girl rather than a boy.

Along with eating particular foods, it is best to have intercourse that is shallow or that doesn’t penetrate very deeply. This is helpful because the entrance to the vagina is acidic and will help promote the health of female sperm. Male sperm, on the other hand, do not survive in this type of environment and will therefore be hindered from reaching the egg.


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