What is my Fertility after age 35?






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Many women are waiting longer and longer to get pregnant. It is not at all rare to see women wait until their mid to late thirties to get pregnant, after they have had time to establish their careers, build good relationships, and get their finances in order.

However, many women wonder about what exactly their fertility is like after age 35. While it is true that fertility drops at around age 35, that is not to say that women in their mid-thirties cannot get pregnant. While the majority of 35 year old women will not have a problem getting pregnant, women around age 37 might begin to see more of a difficulty.

many-women-wonder-about-what-exactly-their-fertility-is-like-after-age-35Women in their thirties, overall, have around a 15 percent chance of getting pregnant in any single ovulation cycle. Women in their 30’s have around a 75 percent chance of getting pregnant within a year of beginning to try. Women should also be aware that miscarriage risk and the risk of other pregnancy related problems also increase during a woman’s 30’s.

Doctors recommend that women over age 35 see a fertility specialist after trying to get pregnant after six months of trying with no success. Getting pregnant after age 35 is not impossible, but it may be a bit more difficult, so make sure to keep that in mind.

What is my Fertility after age 35?, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Valerie Wisniewski, RN

Ms. Wisniewski has over 15 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, having also worked previously as a nurse midwife in the Philippines and India. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.