What is the Rate that Fertility Treatments cause Multiple Births in the United States?






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Recent studies have shown that there is a huge increase in the number of twins and multiple births that have taken place in the United States. While many of these births have been caused by natural items, there are also many that have been caused by fertility treatments as well.

It has been calculated that for the 2011 year, about 36% of twin births were caused by fertility treatments. When it came to triplet and higher number births, 77% of births were caused by fertility treatments.

more-people-are-now-willing-to-undergo-fertility-treatments-to-increase-chances-of-multiple-birthThis number has only increased over time and continues to increase every year. However, it is uncertain as to whether the increase is legitimate or not. While some believe that there is an increase in these numbers because more people are now willing to undergo fertility treatments, others say that this would not matter.

Another factor to keep in mind is that we now have greater methods of tracking these types of numbers than we did in the past. Whatever is causing the increase, there is definitely quite a few pregnancies that are resulting in multiple births after the woman has undergone a fertility treatment. While many couples welcome this, there are many challenges and risks involved with multiple births as well.

What is the Rate that Fertility Treatments cause Multiple Births in the United States?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Larissa Belanger, RN

Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.