Over the Counter Fertility Drugs to Get Pregnant






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When you travel through the vitamin and nutrient section of your local drug store, you are likely to find many types of items that can help you become more fertile. However, with the many options that are at your disposal, deciding between these different types can be confusing. Below you will find information about the most popular types of over the counter fertility drugs that have helped others in your same position become pregnant in the past.

1. Black Cohosh

For centuries, women have been using Black Cohosh to help them become pregnant. With it, your body will produce strong and healthy eggs while the ovaries are being stimulated. This is a natural drug and can also help with symptoms that you may be having during your normal menstrual cycle.


One thing to note with this drug is that it is only intended to be taken while you are ovulating. After you find that you have ovulated, you will need to discontinue use of it until you are ovulating for your next cycle.

2. Evening Primrose Oil

This is one of the most popular products for those suffering from issues related to their cervical mucus. While you don’t have to have quality mucus, or mucus at all, to become pregnant, it can help sperm get to the right spot by protecting it along the way.


Evening Primrose Oil is actually available in a number of forms and you can find it either as a cream or as a supplement. If you do find that you have become pregnant, you should stop taking it immediately. There is a greater chance of having a miscarriage if you continue to use it while you are pregnant.

3. Chasteberry

Chasteberry is also a popular over the counter drug and it helps to balance the hormones and regulated the menstrual cycle, which may help you to become pregnant faster. These hormones are an important part of the pregnancy process and if they are unbalanced, you may find that it is more difficult for you to become pregnant.


4. Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf helps with the actual conception process by strengthening the uterus and the uterine lining. This helps protect the egg and provides a better environment for the egg to attach to once it is fertilized. It can also give you a better chance of becoming pregnant because it can increase the luteal phase that your body goes through.


5. Maca Pills

Maca Pills can help both men and women with fertility problems. In men, it has been shown to increase sperm count and make them have a higher libido. Women also find it beneficial for libido problems and it has been found to help balance the hormones as well. Studies have shown that men who take Maca pills have a fantastic increase in their sperm and the best part is that it is available without a prescription.


6. False Unicorn

Men and women have both been shown to benefit from False Unicorn as well and some even believe that this is the number one pill that you should take. It helps to regulate the process that the ovaries go through and improve the quality of the sperm. This is also a drug that you should stop using if you find out that you are pregnant or if you have just ovulated.


7. Ovulex

If you are looking to become healthier overall, you may want to give Ovulex a try. Although it takes some time to become effective, it is one of the most natural ways to become pregnant. It works by helping your body’s reproductive system become healthier over time and will make it easier to become pregnant in the long run.


8. Conclusion

There are many fertility drugs that you can choose from at your local drug store. Many are available without a prescription and many have found great success in becoming pregnant when they use them. However, it is important that you discuss any medication that you are taking with your doctor and only take the recommended dosage of the ones that you decide to try. You should conduct your research carefully so that you know exactly what you are taking and the side effects that you can expect.


Over the Counter Fertility Drugs to Get Pregnant, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Regina Ledoux, RN, CNM

Ms. Ledoux began her career as an ObGyn nurse practitioner prior to becoming a practicing midwife in the Santa Cruz community. Working together with ObGyn physicians in her own practice, she has over 20 years experience in women's health, pregnancy and childbirth.

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    Ok I am currently taking warfarin 5mg for some pulmonary imbolisum that was found in my lungs last year November of 2013 & I have been much healthier & have dropped about 30+ lbs now & am also taking topiramate to prevent with headaches, but I am wanting to try & get pregnant so what should I do & what over the counter medications could I start taking to get the process going until time to get into see my obgyn dr??

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