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If you are struggling to get pregnant, but are hesitant or cannot afford fertility drugs, one option that may be available to you is an all-natural version of your typical fertility drug. When traveling through this struggle, you should know that you are not alone in your fight. It is estimated that nearly 15 percent of American couples are struggling with infertility, many of which cannot afford expensive fertility drugs.

all-natural version of your typical fertility drug

For these people an all-natural fertility drug may be the answer. However, you should talk your options over with your doctor if you find yourself in this situation. But as a basic rule of thumb, yes there are all-natural fertility drugs that can boost your chances of getting pregnant, many of which are sitting on the shelves of your local drug store.

1. When should I try them?

All-natural fertility drugs are a great starting point when you are trying to get pregnant. You can try them out even if you have just started trying to have a baby. They are great to take alongside your prenatal vitamin and can have many great benefits.


Many of the suggested over the counter versions can also be taken by your partner as well. They can help to improve the amount of sperm that he has and the quality and motility of it as well. Once again, these are safe options to take on a daily basis, but it is a good idea to talk with your doctor first.

2. What should I take?

One of the most popular options is Primrose Oil. This natural supplement is a great way to increase the quality of your cervical mucus. While cervical mucus is not required to get pregnant, it can help protect sperm and guide it on its journey to fertilize your egg.


Vitamins are also an important part of becoming pregnant naturally. Not only are vitamins, such as A, B, C, E, folic acid and zinc crucial to the health of you and your baby, they can also help you to conceive in the first place. Many of these vitamins can stimulate ovulation and they all are fantastic hormonal regulators. For men they also work great to build sperm count and improve the overall quality of sperm and sperm motility.

Donq Quai is also a natural treatment that has been shown to improve the strength of a woman’s uterus and can increase the blood flow to a woman’s pelvis. Herbs, such as Donq Quai are plentiful and very useful when it comes to the conception process. You should talk with your doctor regarding the hundreds of options that you have at your fingertips.

Donq Quai is also a natural treatment

These treatments have been used for centuries by women all across the world. While there is not any scientific proof to the claims that they help women get pregnant, they do enhance the items that are typically related to getting pregnant.

3. Can I take them with regular fertility drugs?

It is important to talk with your doctor regarding any medications that you are taking. Some fertility drugs can interact poorly with all-natural or over the counter drugs and these drugs actually have the power to counterbalance one another. For this reason, you should rely on your doctor’s expertise before taking any medication while you are trying to get pregnant.


4. Do natural fertility drugs really work?

As before mentioned, natural fertility drugs have been used for centuries. Many of the options that you have can improve the areas of the reproductive system the same way that traditional prescription fertility drugs can.


If you are looking to get pregnant naturally, one of the easiest and most affordable methods is to start with some of the vitamins listed above. Not only are they great for your overall health, they have shown very positive results in the reproductive sections of both men and women. It is a good idea to keep an open mind while you are trying to get pregnant because you never know what will work in the end.

5. Conclusion

If you are struggling to get pregnant and find that you are unable to afford or unwilling to try prescription fertility drugs, an all-natural option may be the answer for you. You should discuss your many options with your doctor so that you understand the best drugs to try that will offer the best results for any issues that you are currently having.

Dr. Karen Leham, MD

Dr. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility. Dr. Leham completed her residency at Loyola University, followed by a fellowship at UCLA.