When Can I Expect A Positive HPT If I Am Pregnant






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1. Waiting For Positive

The waiting game for a positive home pregnancy test can be nerve wracking and stressful to say the least. When you think you are pregnant, it can be hard to know when you should take a home pregnancy test. Taking a test too early, before your body has a chance to build up the pregnancy hormone hTC in your system, can result in a false negative test, which can be frustrating to say the least.

The-waiting-game-for-a-positive-home-pregnancy-test-can-be-nerve-wracking-and-stressful-to-say-the-leastHowever, when women think they are pregnant, they want to find out for sure as soon as possible, and this can make the waiting game very difficult.

2. How Pregnancy Tests Work

The truth of the matter is, it takes a few days, sometimes even weeks, for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus, the placenta to begin to develop, and the body to begin producing hTC (the pregnancy hormone). Implantation, when the fertilized egg implants into the endometrium, happens about a week after ovulation (range: 6-12 days), and it takes another 3-4 days after implantation (9-10 dpo: days after ovulation) for the blood pregnancy test to first become positive.

using-a-home-urine-pregnancy-test-will-take-longer-for-the-hTC-to-build-up-enough-in-the-body-to-detect-it-in-a-home-testIf you are using a home urine pregnancy test, it will take even longer for the hTC to build up enough in the body to detect it in a home test.

3. The Timing

Although many pregnancy test manufacturers want you to believe that you can use their pregnancy tests days before your missed period, that is not always accurate, and not very many women actually get a positive result from these pregnancy tests when used so early. Only about 25% of pregnant women will test positive with the HPT 2 days before a missed period, and about 40% the day before the missed period.

wait-until-at-least-the-first-day-of-your-missed-period-before-using-home-pregnancy-testThat is why, although it can be very hard to do so, it is a good idea to wait until at least the first day of your missed period. You can purchase some pretty expensive home pregnancy tests out there, but honestly, they can still have problems and not detect a pregnancy very soon. The best bet is always to wait until at least the first day of your missed period.

The longer after that you can wait, the better. The longer you can wait for a home pregnancy test, the more accurate the results will be. Keep that in mind while you try to pass the time until you need to take a home pregnancy test.

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Ms. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.