Easy Ways to Get Pregnant






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Want to get pregnant quickly, easily and without a whole lot of fuss? Read on for some tips on making conception as stress free as possible.

Tip #1: See Your Doctor

While some people wait until they have been trying to get pregnant for a year or so to seek a fertility specialist, you can see your regular doctor as soon as you decide that you are going to try to conceive.


Your family doctor can take a look at your charts as well as your family history to determine if anything stands out that might get in your way of getting pregnant. He or she might also be able to offer you some valuable tips or advice that will make your journey to conceive a much easier one.

Tip #2: Know Your Body

When you are trying to get pregnant, it is very important to know your body and know your cycles. If you do not know when your fertile days are, how can you expect to get pregnant? It’s just too hard going on luck alone.


Buy an ovulation predictor test kit (they are available online or at local drug stores), learn to chart your basal body temperature, check your cervical mucus, or even download an app or another software program that will help you to track your fertile and not fertile days.

Tip #3: Plan For Sex

When you are trying to get pregnant, it’s not enough to just know when your fertile days are, you have to also have sex on your fertile days. Plan to have sex a couple of days prior to your ovulation day, and maybe again on your ovulation day. Some couples opt for sex every day during ovulation week.


Some couples only have sex before ovulation to allow the sperm to be ready and waiting when the egg is released. Other couples choose sex every other day during ovulation, and some might only have sex on ovulation day. It’s completely up to you and your partner but it is something that needs to be thought out and discussed beforehand.

Tip #4: Make It Easier

This tip simply means, if you are doing anything that might be hindering your fertility in any way, take matters into your own hands and try to simplify things for yourself. For example, if you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds.


Doctors say losing as little as five pounds can really increase your fertility. If you smoke or drink alcohol, stop. Same goes for illegal drugs. If you have a high stress lifestyle, try to tone it down and avoid stress while you are trying to conceive. Change your diet to make sure that you are as healthy as possible.


Get enough sleep and make sure that you have support around you from family and friends. Take a prenatal vitamin while you are trying to conceive in order to give your fertility a boost. Simply put, do whatever you can do to help yourself make trying to conceive as easy as possible.

Dr. Karen Leham, MD

Dr. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility. Dr. Leham completed her residency at Loyola University, followed by a fellowship at UCLA.