Can I get Pregnant with Sticky Cervical Mucus?






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Cervical mucus is a substance that is naturally produced by a woman’s body. Over the course of one cycle, this mucus will change quite a bit. Immediately following a woman’s period, her cervical mucus will be rather dry and usually non-existent.

However, as the month passes, the mucus will usually become more plentiful and will thin out. When the woman is ovulating, her mucus should resemble egg whites. This type of cervical mucus can help to protect the sperm and help make it easier for the sperm to swim to the egg.

When cervical mucus is sticky, this could mean that it has transformed into what is known as hostile cervical mucus. This type of cervical mucus actually attacks the sperm and makes it harder for the sperm to fertilize the egg. When-cervical-mucus-is-sticky-this-could-mean-that-it-has-transformed-into-what-is-known-as-hostile-cervical-mucusThe best thing that you can do if you have sticky cervical mucus is to understand the cause of it. One of the most common reasons is an unhealthy diet. However, many women who are taking certain types of medication may also develop this type of cervical mucus.

The first thing that you should do is to eat a healthy diet and increase the amount of water that you drink. Some women also begin taking Robitussin to help loosen up the mucus in their body. An herbal supplement, like Evening Primrose Oil, is also helpful.

Can I get Pregnant with Sticky Cervical Mucus?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating