Break a Sweat and Boost your Sperm Count






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Most people know that obesity and having extra weight is something that can cause a great number of health issues. However, many people would be surprised to learn that fertility problems are also caused by being overweight.

While the focus is typically on the woman and the things that she needs to do in order to become pregnant, little focus is placed on the partner. Many would be surprised to learn that a man’s weight can also affect his fertility and that a man is responsible for infertility 33% of the time.

When you are trying to become pregnant, it is important for both members of the couple to strive to make changes in the way that they eat and the exercise that they complete. You should both strive to be as healthy as possible in order to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

1. Studies

Studies have been completed as recently as 2012 that studied men who were seeking fertility treatments. One specific study that was completed at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center focused on 137 of these men over a six year span.


They were evaluated regarding their exercise level, their eating habits and their overall health. This data was gathered and compared extensively to the quality and quantity of their sperm. Results of this study were fairly interesting.

After the results had been cataloged and researched, scientists reported that men who completed moderate to high intensity workouts each week were more likely to have better sperm than those who didn’t. The biggest differences were noticed between men who exercised around seven hours per week and those who exercised less than one hour per week.

2. What Type of Exercise is Important?

Another area that researchers considered was the type of exercise that was being completed. There are a number of activities that men can choose from, each with their own benefits.


However, it was noted that men who participated in outdoor activities and weight lifting were able to produce sperm that had a higher performance than other exercises. It is believed that these results are directly affected by the improvement that men see of their insulin levels when they are weight lifting.

Another factor that was considered was the fact that men received more vitamin D from the sun when they completed their workouts outdoors. This factor is believed to play a role in the quality of the sperm as well.

3. How long should I work out?

There are a number of weight lifting exercises that have been shown to boost testosterone, which is said to help with fertility issues. It is best to complete 3 or 4 sets; each with 8 to 12 reps. You should select exercises that work many muscles at the same time, such as push-ups, pull ups and squats.


Studies have also shown that for those with a risk of Type 2 diabetes were able to control their insulin better if they participated in resistance training workouts. This study observed participants for 16 weeks in order to learn more about the disease and the effects of exercise. The results were amazing and showed that the risk decreased as the participants became more in shape.

4. Is it difficult?

Exercise is something that you must keep up on a daily basis in order for it to be effective and you must put effort into the process. In order to keep your body healthy and your blood glucose normal, you need to work out regularly. This is the best way to make a difference for your sperm as well.


Research has shown that the effects of exercise do not carry over for long periods of time. Even for those who are healthy it is important to maintain a healthy exercise regimen and for those who decrease their workouts begin seeing the effects after only three short days.

5. Conclusion

It is important to note that there are some exercises that you should avoid if you are looking to become pregnant. For example, exercises like biking can cause heat to the scrotum and may actually work to decrease your sperm count by around 34%. You should stick with exercises that allow your scrotum to be unrestricted and cool. Whatever your favorite exercise is, be sure to stick with it in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the best possible sperm.


Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Dr. Lynette Weiss is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician and Scientific Director. She is certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.