Can you get Pregnant while Breastfeeding a One year old?






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Breastfeeding, as many women know, is a natural form of birth control. The hormones that trigger breastfeeding actually stop ovulation. So, it is very, very difficult to get pregnant when you are breastfeeding.

When babies are very small, and moms are breastfeeding exclusively, it can be almost a year before ovulation returns to normal. However, when women breastfeed and also supplement with formula, or solid foods, it can actually “trick” the body into thinking that she has stopped breastfeeding.

If-you-have-a-one-year-old-baby-chances-are-close-to-time-for-your-ovulation-to-return-to-normalThis encourages the body to return to normal and for ovulation to regulate itself. If you have a baby who is one year old, chances are it is probably close to time for your ovulation to return to normal.

Once a baby starts to begin eating solid foods, and begins sleeping through the night, that usually does the trick when it comes to helping ovulation return. In some cases, a woman’s cycles will not return to normal until she stops breastfeeding completely. If you are breastfeeding, and concerned about getting pregnant, make sure to ask your doctor if he or she has any tips to help you improve your chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding.

Can you get Pregnant while Breastfeeding a One year old?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating