Neural Tube Defect: Cerebral Palsy






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A neural tube defect is something that occurs when the spinal cord or brain doesn’t develop properly. It is something that can develop as early as the second week of a pregnancy because of the items that develop in the baby’s body during this time.

It is estimated that there are about 1,000 neural tube defect cases annually in the US and it is the most common birth defect in babies. There are a number of conditions that may surface when these types of defects occur.

A-neural-tube-defect-is-something-that-occurs-when-the-spinal-cord-or-brain-doesnt-develop-properlyCerebral palsy is also a common birth defect that deals with damage that is caused to the baby’s brain. However, this is not something that is considered to be a neural tube defect. It is usually caused by premature birth and rubella that can be contracted by the mother.

There are many ways that cerebral palsy may affect the baby after it is born and there is no cure for the defect. It could cause the baby to be unable to walk or to have a mental handicap. While both a neural tube defect and cerebral palsy are conditions that can cause brain issues, they are not related and are classified differently when it comes to birth defects in babies.

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