How to treat Children’s Conjunctivitis






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It can be pretty frightening when your child has conjunctivitis, but it is a fairly common thing to occur and doesn’t typically cause any long term vision issues. While seeing a doctor is important, there are some types of conjunctivitis that can be treated at home and others that will go away on their own.

Pink eye that is caused by a bacterial infection may require antibiotic eye drops to be applied to their eyes. Since kids don’t typically enjoy having eye drops put in their eyes, you may need to put the drops in the corner of their eye when their eye is closed. Then, when they open their eyes, the medicine will run into their eyes.

there-are-some-types-of-conjunctivitis-that-can-be-treated-at-homeFor kids that wear contacts, it is best to have them not wear them while the conjunctivitis is present. You will probably want to talk to your doctor about other options for them during this time. A new pair will also be necessary when they are able to wear contact lenses once again.

It is also important to note that pink eye is very contagious. You should make sure that your child is not rubbing their eyes because it can transfer from one eye to the other or to another person fairly easy.

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