How to Help my Toddler stop Stuttering






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Stuttering can be common in toddlers and is usually a result in their inability to form words properly. It is possible for stuttering to come and grow, but can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few years.

For the most part, children usually outgrow stuttering as they begin to develop their vocabulary. However, for some children, assistance is needed in order to help them stop stuttering.

To help your toddler stop stuttering, create times when you and your toddler can talk in a relaxed and fun setting. This should be done at a time where distractions, like the television, can be avoided. One of the best times to talk to your toddler is during dinner.


Don’t force your child to talk to others when they are struggling with a stuttering problem. You should also avoid bringing attention to the stuttering issue and should not correct or be critical of your child’s speech patterns. Doing so can lead your toddler to feeling self-conscious about the way that they talk and may cause them to avoid talking altogether.

When you are talking to your toddler, talk slowly and remain relaxed when you are talking. Setting a good example is a great way to help encourage your child to slow down and develop their vocabulary properly.

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