Honey and Lemon for your Child’s Sore Throat






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Sore throats are something that appear in children from time to time throughout the year. They are most often seen when the child has a cold, but can also be caused from allergies and other minor issues.

While there are many over the counter medications that can help cure a sore throat, these options are usually not available to children and can be dangerous for them. However, there is an option that parents can choose to create at home for their child’s sore throat, honey and lemon.

The best thing about this mixture is that it is a natural option that only requires three ingredients to create. You will only need honey, lemon and warm water. After your water is warm add two tablespoons of hone and a tablespoon of lemon.



Feel free to use either fresh lemon juice or bottled, whichever is easiest for you. Stir the mixture together and allow your child to drink it. This is something that you can repeat throughout the day to help soothe their sore throat.

One thing to note when you are preparing this for your child is that you should make sure that it is not too hot for them before they drink it. You will need to start with the water fairly hot so that the honey and lemon can mix properly, but should allow it to cool quite a bit before having your child drink it.

Honey and Lemon for your Child's Sore Throat, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating