Homemade Treatment Sinus Headache






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When a person’s sinuses are clogged, this could cause a great deal of pressure between the eyes and above the nose. This will typically cause pain in this area, especially when the area is touched. Pain usually becomes greater when the person moves or performs actions like lying down or bending over.

To treat this type of headache at home, you should start with over the counter painkiller. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen work the best. Using nasal decongestants can also be helpful. With any type of medication, however, you will want to read the instructions carefully and only use them for the designated amount of time.

When-a-persons-sinuses-are-clogged-this-could-cause-a-great-deal-of-pressure-between-the-eyes-and-above-the-noseWhen you have a sinus headache, it is also best to keep your nasal passageways moist. This can be done by using a humidifier or vaporizer. You can also place a wet, warm towel on your face for several minutes. A nasal spray that is made with a saline solution is also helpful.

You can also flush out your nasal sinuses with salt water. To do this, use a syringe or a neti pot. This will help relieve the pressure that you are feeling and can help clear out mucus from the nasal passages. Along with attempting to clear out your sinuses, you should also avoid irritants, like perfume, chemicals and cigarette smoke as well.

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