Gestational Diabetes and Placenta Deterioration






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One of the dangers of gestational diabetes is placenta deterioration. This condition occurs when the placenta begins to deteriorate. This could cause many issues for the baby and could stop their growth process.

Most of the time, women with placenta deterioration will not notice any symptoms of the condition. It is possible that they will notice the baby not moving around as much, but this could be difficult to notice. There are some tests that can be helpful to diagnose this condition. For example, a non-stress test can help determine if the baby is in distress. However, the best way to diagnosis this is to perform an ultrasound.

it-is-important-that-their-diabetes-is-managed-properly-throughout-the-pregnancyThe dangers of placenta deterioration are serious and it is important that they be addressed by doctors. Since women with gestational diabetes are more likely to develop this condition, it is important that their diabetes is managed properly throughout the pregnancy. Doctors should also monitor her more closely in order to make sure that the baby and the mother is healthy.

Gestational diabetes is something that only appears while the woman is pregnant. It is common for a woman to be tested for this condition a little over halfway through her pregnancy. Doctors will perform a blood test in order to test for the condition.

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