Fraternal Twins Pregnancy Complications






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It is possible to have pregnancy related complications with any pregnancy. However, women who are pregnant with twins have an even greater chance of developing complications. One common issue that women have when they are pregnant with fraternal twins is called vanishing twin syndrome.

With this syndrome, twins will be seen early in the pregnancy. However, at a later date only one twin will be detected. This occurs when one of the twins dies and is absorbed by the other twin. This can be confirmed by examining the placenta after the baby is born.

pregnant-with-twins-have-an-even-greater-chance-of-developing-complicationWomen who are pregnant with twins also have the possibility of requiring a c-section instead of delivering their babies vaginally. The babies could also be born early, which can cause them to have a low birth weight. The average twin birth occurs at 36 weeks in a pregnancy rather than 39, which is the average for a non-twin pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, women who are pregnant with twins have a better chance of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia as well. The placenta could also become dislodged early or even attach in an undesirable location. It is also possible for the placenta to be weak and not provide the babies with the right amount of nutrients. This is referred to as intrauterine growth restriction.

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