Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Related to Mental Retardation in Infants






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Fetal alcohol syndrome is related to alcohol that is consumed while a woman is pregnant. Studies have been conducted on this condition and it is unknown how much alcohol is necessary before the child will develop this syndrome. Because of this, women should not drink at all while they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

When the woman drinks while pregnant, the alcohol will be directly given to the baby through the placenta. This can affect many thing with the baby. For starters, it could lead to a miscarriage in many instances. If the baby does survive the pregnancy, there are many issues that they will have as they grow up.

Fetal-alcohol-syndrome-is-related-to-alcohol-that-is-consumed-while-a-woman-is-pregnantFor example, infants with fetal alcohol syndrome will likely have mental retardation issues as well. This could cause them to not grow correctly. One of the most common issues that is seen is a small baby and one that has strange facial abnormalities. Along with this, the baby will have a hard time learning.

There is currently no cure for fetal alcohol syndrome available and very few treatments are effective. Most children are given medication to help with some aspects of the problem, but this usually does not help very much. In addition to these medications, the child will also need occupational therapy to help with the learning process.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Related to Mental Retardation in Infants, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating