Birth Defect: Esophagus not Attached to Stomach






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When a baby is born with an esophagus that is not attached to their stomach, they will not be able to swallow. It is also likely that they will have trouble breathing as well. This type of defect occurs when the esophagus is shorter and is closed off along part of its length. This is almost always coupled with the issue that esophagus is not properly attached to the trachea.

While the cause of this birth defect is unknown, it is known that it will develop during the first part of the pregnancy. During the fourth week of a pregnancy, the digestive tract is formed, which is when this defect is believed to surface.

When-a-baby-is-born-with-an-esophagus-that-is-not-attached-to-their-stomach-they-will-not-be-able-to-swallowIf a baby develops this birth defect, a surgery is most commonly needed. Without this surgery, there will be little hope for survival. During the surgery, a surgeon will manually repair the esophagus so that the baby can get the nutrients that it needs. It is also possible that a feeding tube will be inserted at this time.

This birth defect can be something that is treated for several months or even years after the child is born. They will need to be monitored so that they are able to get the right types of nutrients so that they can develop properly.

Birth Defect: Esophagus not Attached to Stomach, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating