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Home Remedies During Pregnancy for Cold and Cough

One of the worst times to have a cold and cough is when you are pregnant. This is troubling because […]

Is Shortness of Breath a Pregnancy Symptom?

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms that many women complain about is shortness of breath. The reason that this […]


Do pregnancy Symptoms Decrease at 8 Weeks?

Many symptoms that a woman experiences early on in a pregnancy can decrease by the time that she reaches 8 […]


How to Increase Pregnancy chances over 40

When a woman is over the age of 40, it can be harder for her to become pregnant. The reason […]


Why Folic Acid can Lead to Twins

One of the most important nutrients that women need when they are trying to conceive is folic acid. Not only […]


Can you get Pregnant with no Period and Breastfeeding?

For a while breastfeeding can work as a natural birth control. The reason for this is the prolactin that is […]


Blow-dryer for Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear can be rather irritating and troublesome to get rid of. It occurs when water becomes trapped in the […]


How to Cure Children’s Nightmares

Nightmares are extremely common in children, but they typically begin to occur between the ages of eight and ten. These […]


Home Remedies for Children’s Anxiety

Just like adults, children can experience anxiety for a number of reasons. It is most commonly experienced during certain points […]


How to Heal Minor Wounds at Home

There are many times in life when we all face minor wounds that need attention. While it is more common […]